Almeida's Vegetable Patch is a local farm based in Swansea MA that has been owned and operated by the Almeida-Mello family since 1928. Four generations of farmers have worked the fields, and they recognize the need to stay on top of current trends and media to compete. This spot will launch June 1st on their social media page, and will be airing in local areas throughout the southeastern Massachusetts area.


ADOBE MAKE THE CUT PROJECT had users download exclusive, uncut music video footage and work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create your own edit of the video for their new hit song “Believer.” 


In May of 2016, M Design Co. was approached to create a campaign for a local haunt. Their goal was to increase their number of visitors from 1,000 people a year to 500 people a night for 3 days a week over a 5 week period. We hit the ground running by developing a style that was eye-catching, and used cross-promotion on social media with a Facebook page of a business parent, and gained 769 likes over a 3 week period of promotion and advertising. We were able to generate 100,000 impressions through google advertising, and had over 768 views on our snapchat filters. Using multiple streams of digital and traditional media, we were able to increase visitors to an average of 485/night, with 3 rain-outs, and a "best night" of 1,230 visitors. 

Teaser Trailer Shot On-Location and cut using Adobe Premiere CC. Shot with DJI Phantom 4, Lumix 4K Digital, and GoPro Hero 4. Credit to AJ Clemente aka VIZULS for second shooter work